Saturday, February 19, 2011


Idol group BEAST’s Yang Yoseob revealed his weight.

Yang Yoseob recently participated in the New Year’s special MBC “Youth Variety Bouquet” which was filmed in Kyeong-Gi Do Ilsan MBC Dream Centre. There he revealed his weight to be 57kg.

This day, for a quiz game, Yang Yoseob had to piggyback the nunas(?) of the ‘Lady Generation’ team and he joked, saying he was tired. After this, while the topic of weight was going around, Yang Yoseob eventually revealed his weight.

The female participants who were suddenly embarrassed knowing that Yang Yoseob’s weight was in the 50kg range said “To be honest, his weight is not much different from ours” and laughed a horse laugh. However, Yang Yoseob, seemingly unaffected by this, loafed around the studio, attracting attention once more.

BEAST’s main vocal Yang Yoseob was the only male member in the Lady Generation team this day and actively participated in jump roping and other games, receiving the love of all the nunas. The recorded show from this day will be broadcasted on the morning of the 6th.

Credit: B2strising

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