Friday, February 25, 2011


B2ST’s Yoseob recently reprimanded the group’s sasaeng fans for their irresponsible behavior via a meaningful tweet.

On February 24th, he wrote, “Sasaeng fans, if you really want to scribble that much, please do it on our car instead… It’s public property… We feel really sorry to our neighbors in the apartment.  Hmm.. I better go clean everything off after I treat my sty.”

He included a picture of a fan’s scribble on the wall, which read, “Wrap up Junhyung“.
Netizens commented, “Yang Yoseob’s respectful tweet,” “Yoseob always sets actions straight, even if they are his fans!,” and “Let’s wake up, sasaeng fans~”

Yoseob previously earned the respect of netizens for speaking out on behalf of Rainbow’s Jaekyung, who was being attacked by B2ST fans for rumors of a possible “We Got Married” appearance with a B2ST member.

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BEAST \ B2ST - CUTE OR FREAKY??? (윤두준, 용준형, 손동운)

Is it possible for the members of B2ST to make an embarrassing facial expression?

On February 24th, leader Doojoon shared photos of himself with Junhyung and Dongwoon wandering the streets at night. He wrote,“We really walked around till we had no regrets… The remaining three passed out back at the hotel…” 

Despite their attempts to make ‘bizarre’ facial expressions, fans were reluctant to believe that the members could look anything but cute. 

They wrote, “Did you take that picture to try to be funny? So cute!,” “I like whatever you do~,” and “If you keep walking around late at night, the nunas will capture you!”

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B2ST’s Doojoon and Kikwang recently transformed into news anchors for a fun "BREAKING NEWS" parody in order to raise hype for A Cube Entertainment’s upcoming girl group, A Pink.

In the video, Doojoon states, “This is breaking news. A Cube’s rookie girl group has been headlining for days now. Just who are they, and why are they dominating the search rankings? Let’s turn to Lee Kikwang for further details.”

Kikwang continues, “The entire situation began when an internet article about a naming competition for A Cube’s rookie girl group first went up. The fact that the competition is heating up proves that they’ve definitely earned the attention.”

After introducing how to participate, they exclaim, “Everything will be revealed through channel Trendy!”
Kikwang then turns to Doojoon and laughs while stating, “I already saw them at our agency.“ Doojoon asks back, “Are they pretty? Pretty?”

A Pink is currently scheduled to be revealed on a day next month, and they recently unveiled three of the seven members through various B2ST featurings and photo teasers.

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On February 23rd, Cube Entertainment labelmates, B2ST and 4minute, together with Supernova, walked the runway for esteemed Japanese wedding fashion designer, Yumi Katsura, for her “2011 Paris Grand Collection in Tokyo” event.

Yumi Katsura was said to have been influenced by B2ST, 4minute, and Supernova’s visual styles and performances, and personally designed outfits fitting to their image for them to wear during their walk. Along with the major Japanese press agencies, such as Asahi TV, Nihon TV, and others, over 8,000 audience members were present for this event.

The wedding show representatives commented, “4minute, B2ST, and Supernova wore clothes designed specifically for them, one of a kind stuff, in order to create a lively wedding show.”

The three groups also held special performances during the fashion show.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yang Yoseob’s kind heart has impressed his fans once again, after it was discovered that he had personally replied to a fan who was recently diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule.

On February 21st, the B2ST member wrote on his Twitter, “Vocal cord nodules are a frequent occurrence to people who sing!”

That was the direct reply to a message left by his fan, who was also an aspiring singer. The fan’s message read, “B2ST Yoseob, I’m very sick right now. What do I do.”

The fan added that she had visited a hospital and received an official diagnosis for her vocal cord nodule. The fan wrote, “I went to the hospital today and saw my throat’s condition directly for myself. It was scary. The reality is very scary”. Alone and scared, she admitted that she had even wanted to jump in front of a passing car. 

Yoseob said, “When I was first diagnosed with a vocal cord nodule, I thought like that too! But just think of that nodule as hardened skin over the vocal cords! It means you’ve practiced a lot. People who practice as hard as that end up becoming successful.”

He continued, “Since I have a lot of singers around me, I’ve seen some who even went into surgery for it. But after the surgery, they comfortably started singing again. So don’t worry too much, and I hope you go to a big hospital and receive a correct diagnosis. Have strength!”

The fan then replied to Yoseob’s message with, “Just like you said, I’ll start singing comfortably again. I’ll show you an awesome image, rather than my hurt image.”

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Lee Kikwang(BEAST) received attention for revealing his thoughts on his appearance.

Lee Kikwang was interviewed with other BEAST members for 'Star Report' corner as a main character on KBS 2TV <Entertainment Relay> aired on the 19th.

On this day, Lee Kikwang was questioned who is the member that most improved on appearance, and chose himself unlike the other members which created curiosity.

Lee Kikwang, "When I came here from Yongsanpo" starting off like this, added "I think my appearance really improved after coming up to Seoul and living hard", giving his reason for choosing himself who improved most on their appearance.

In addition, Lee Kikwang presented laughter by doing two people American dance while holding hands with Jang Hyunseung during individual skill battle between the BEAST members.

On the other hand, BEAST held encore concerts on the 18th and 19th at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

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BEAST Yang Yoseob was crowned as dance copying machine.

Yang Yoseob revealed his splendid dancing skills on KBS 2TV '100 points out of 100' aired on February 19th. He immediately started dancing to NRG's 'Hit Song' after seeing Chun Myunghoon's dance.

To this, the MCs valued his skill by calling him 'Danja', abbreviation of dance vending maching, 'danfac' for dance facsimile, and dance copying machine.

On the other hand, Miss A Min, Tony An, and etc. caused a laughter for mimicrying Chun Myunghoon's dance.

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Monday, February 21, 2011


On February 19th, the members of B2ST guested on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay“, and were interviewed about both their pre-debut and post-debut experiences.

When asked by the reporter on how they came up with their name, Yoseob replied, “Before our debut, a foreign dance instructor came to visit and saw us dance. At the time, he exclaimed, ‘So~ Beast!’ The meaning of the word means that it’s ‘cool’ or ‘amazing.’”

“Do you remember October 16th, 2009?” the reporter asked. Junhyung said, “Yes, we were all very nervous. We had rehearsed so much that our conditions weren’t the best. Yoseob was really upset about going off key a tiny bit, but to our ears, we couldn’t tell.”

Yoseob added, “Yes, I cried a lot…”

Kikwang continued, “To me, it was an opportunity for me to do better.”

The members are also known for their rich experiences prior to forming B2ST Doojoon was with JYP Entertainment’s “Hot Blood“, Junhyung was part of boy band XING, Kikwang had a solo career as AJ, and Hyunseung was with Big Bang.

Unfortunately, their old nickname – ‘recycled group’ – surfaced during the interview. Doojoon reflected, “I was really mad, but… It’s the truth, what can I say? To me, the word ‘recycle’ didn’t make me feel that bad.” 

Dongwoon continued, “Because either way, we were recycled and are now B2ST.. but we were most worried about our fans being hurt by it.

A year later, they overcame all obstacles and took home their first music program win. They exclaimed, “We cried a lot, more than you could imagine. There was a nice weight to the trophy..”

When asked to pick a member who ‘improved’ the most looks-wise, Kikwang chose himself and explained, “I used to live in Yongsanpo… but living in Seoul now, I really do think I’ve improved in my looks.”

Check out Yoseob’s ‘10 level high notes,’ Junhyung’s rap, Hyunsenug and Kikwang’s ‘American dance,’ Dongwoon’s SECRET imitation, and their sweet a capella below!

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“With the large number of Hallyu debuts announced in Japan, including the Korean group MBLAQ. Fans all over the world are bracing themselves for impact. B2ST is about to make their much-anticipated Japanese debut, and why not with an appropriately titled debut single? ”SHOCK“, a remake of the title track from their second Korean mini-album, is set to hit shelves on March 23rd, paving the way for their Japanese career.

B2St will be joining the likes of fellow boy bands Choshinsei and Tohoshinki, and they’re expected to charm a large number of Japanese fans with their impressive dance routines, good looks, and catchy melodies.

The debut single will come in four versions, three of which are of limited edition:

> ‘Limited Edition A’
- Box, T-Shirt, Sticker

> ‘Limited Edition B’
- +DVD (“SHOCK” PV Japanese Ver.)

> ‘Limited Edition C’
- +DVD (Live performances)

> ‘Normal Edition D’
- Trading Card

B2ST will also be releasing a 2-disc DVD, “Genesis of BEAST“, to be released on March 2nd. It will contain music videos and rare footage of the boys; meanwhile, the ‘limited edition’ will contain a special 8-page postcard set and a trading card.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011


B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon kept his nickname as “Clumsy Doojoon” firmly in place.

On February 18th, Doojoon slipped and fell during the opening performance of their encore concert, “Welcome Back to B2ST Airline” – which was held at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu.

Doojoon was running towards the center stage when he lost his balance right in front of the fans in the standing section, surprising everyone. He got up quickly and continued as if nothing had happened.

Doojoon stated, “Following the concert last December, I fell again. I’m so embarrassed, I could die.” To this statement, fellow team member Son Dongwoon responded, “My pants ripped” – amusing the audience.

Also, the sequel to the “Beautiful” music video featuring Apink’s Son Na Eun was revealed during the concert – raising much interest. Supreme Team’s Simon D, F.T. Island’s Lee Jaejin, and others, attended the concert on this day.

B2ST will continue their second solo concert until the 19th.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011


 On February 18th, B2ST returned to the stage for their long-awaited encore concert, “Welcome Back to B2ST Airline,” for a special airline getaway with 12,000 of their fans.

For nearly three hours, the members of B2ST worked the crowd to a frenzy by performing their hit tracks, “Shock,” “Special,” “Bad Girl,” “Please Take Care of My Girlfriend,” and “Breakdown,” as well as an upgraded version of their unit performances.

All videos used in their first concert held last year were set aside for all new footage along with a live band that helped liven the experience for their fans.

The promised ‘ab parade’ that has been a topic of hot interest ever since it was announced through Kikwang’s teaser, began with a video parody of “Secret Garden,” where the members were shown doing sit ups during training for the special moment.  Kikwang and Hyunseung also re-created the famous ’sit-up scene’ between Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, which brought out an explosive reaction from the audience.

Although they revealed that it was “difficult to make abs appear out of no where within three months,” the members all showed off chocolate abs as promised.

Fans received a first viewing of G.NA’s new ballad track, “Please Stop Being Mad,” along with “BLACK & WHITE” for her special guest performance.  Supreme Team’s Simon D and F.T. Island’s Jaejin both attended the concert as a part of the audience and were given special introduction spotlights by the boys on stage.

B2ST also unveiled the second music video to their two part series (the first being “Beautiful“), “I Like You the Best,” which featured a love triangle between Kikwang, Junhyung, and A Pink’s Na Eun.

Watch here:


BEAST’s Yong Junhyung had made a clear statement to his fans.

Yong Junhyung stated through his personal blogging twitter on the 11th, “I will say this again. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm disgracing the B2UTIES that are truly kind, but for those who know my phone number, please just know it yourselves. I'm really tired of the prank calls and messages. So I'm asking you, please.”

In the past, Yong Junhyung had even shown his friendly sides of retweeting and adding comments to the fans that were leaving him messages. However, he ended up expressing the hardships he faced with the overload of prank calls and the text messages from the fans who found out his number.

Fans responded back “We are sorry,” “Let’s be fans with manners. We can’t do this,” and more.

BEAST will be opening their encore concert ‘Welcome BACK to BEAST Airlines’ on the 18th and 19th coming up at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium.

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MBC's announcer Seo In, who graduated from Seoul National University's College of Physical Training, transformed into a beastly man with BEAST's dance.

On MBC's New Years Special 'Dugun Dugun Star Studio of Love' that aired on February 2nd, announcer Seo In showed a different kind of charm from his normal clean and upright image.

In order to display charming appeal, Seo In danced perfectly to BEAST's 'Breathe' and showed off his explosive masculine appeal. He impressed all the female stars with this tough appeal. Seo In showed his enthusiasm by not only practicing the dance in his spare time but even borrowing clothes from Yoon Doojoon.

Also, SG Wannabe's romantic guy Lee Seokhoon, Lee Jongsoo who is steadily receiving a lot of for his range of acting performances, and model/young CEO Kim Yongpyo also appeared. They struggled to form couples with the group of beautiful women composed of a ballerina, a music student who plays harp, a pro golfer, and a reporter.

Meanwile, that day the announcer Seo In had the honor of forming a couple with pro golfer Han Seolhee.

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BEAST \ B2ST- WE TRICKED NAVI!!! (용준형 & 양요섭)

 Navi held her first solo concert at Seoul Hong Ik University near the KT&G vicinity on the 11th in the evening. Prior to the concert, she attended a press conference and was complaining about BEAST playfully, drawing laughter from the reporters.

Here, she stated “At today’s performance BEAST will attend as the first guests” and “I thought all 6 members were attending but only Yong Junhyung and Yang Yoseob came. I was looking forward to it but I was tricked. I was also baited.

Navi continued on “Truthfully, I never got to practice with Yong Junhyung so I feel regretful” and “We have a special repertoire that we prepared over a phone conversation.

She got the opportunity to work with Yong Junhyung because of her song “Come back again” in her new album. Their meeting was established through their company representatives. Navi said “While recording my album I requested to work with Yong Junhyung” and “After this we became close so we still contact each other” she explained.

On the other hand, at Navi’s concert, you will hear not only her songs but also famous pop songs from other singers that she loves. In addition the band Common Ground will attend, providing live accompaniment, further enhancing the live performances. She will also be working with Mighty Mouth and Kim Taewoo, showing different performances for the audience.

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Yang Yoseop is a real cutie. His actions are priceless and not repeatable. IU is cute and lovely. Her vocals are amazing. But really? Who is more cute? It's a very hard choice if you ask me.

Check out the video:


Idol group BEAST’s Yang Yoseob revealed his weight.

Yang Yoseob recently participated in the New Year’s special MBC “Youth Variety Bouquet” which was filmed in Kyeong-Gi Do Ilsan MBC Dream Centre. There he revealed his weight to be 57kg.

This day, for a quiz game, Yang Yoseob had to piggyback the nunas(?) of the ‘Lady Generation’ team and he joked, saying he was tired. After this, while the topic of weight was going around, Yang Yoseob eventually revealed his weight.

The female participants who were suddenly embarrassed knowing that Yang Yoseob’s weight was in the 50kg range said “To be honest, his weight is not much different from ours” and laughed a horse laugh. However, Yang Yoseob, seemingly unaffected by this, loafed around the studio, attracting attention once more.

BEAST’s main vocal Yang Yoseob was the only male member in the Lady Generation team this day and actively participated in jump roping and other games, receiving the love of all the nunas. The recorded show from this day will be broadcasted on the morning of the 6th.

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Gagman Kim Kyung Jin, who once gained interest as the “perfect son” for receiving straight A+ grades in school, was recently picked by T-ara’s Jiyeon as her ideal man.
During a recent recording of KBS 2TV’s “100 Points out of 100″, T-ara’s Soyeon asked Jiyeon if there was anyone on the set that she liked. In order to find Jiyeon’s ideal man, the MCs asked a set of questions to the male cast, including Lee Suk Hoon, B2ST’s Yoseob, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, and Supreme Team’s Simon D.

In particular, when Jiyeon gave her opinion on whether there was anything unique about each of the male cast members, she stated that Yoseob’s unique point was how much he talked about himself. Yoseob made a huge fuss in response, causing the whole set to burst into laughter.

After persistent questioning, Jiyeon finally picked her ideal man – Kim Kyung Jin. Jiyeon stated, “When I watch the programs that Kim Kyung Jin comes out on, I always thought his cuteness and frank image were charming.”  The rest of the cast were utterly baffled by her choice and could not believe he was her true ideal man.
The full episode will be aired this coming February 19th.

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Before the opening of their encore concert at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium, B2ST stated they will keep their promise to show their fans the “Ab Wave“.
On February 18th, B2ST held a press conference prior to their “Welcome Back to B2ST Airline” concert and stated, “We’ve prepared the ‘Ab Wave’ that we promised to show last year during our independent concert.”
Yang Yoseob, who revealed that they have prepared special presents for their fans, stated, “There are two presents. One is the ‘Ab Wave’ that Ki Kwang promised to the fans last year, as well as the never-before-seen music video for ‘I Like You The Most’. We’re more nervous for the ‘Ab Wave’ than for the music video. We hope for your anticipation.”

 Lee Ki Kwang added, “I’ve been exercising a lot ever since I promised to show the ‘Ab Wave’, but I started to get muscular pain in my waist because I was exercising too much. I spent three days receiving acupuncture.”
Leader Yoon Doojoon said, “We want to expand out beyond the scope of Korea. We’ve won first on music programs and held our first independent concert last year. Now we want to approach a wider market to meet our Asian fans.”
After holding a successful debut concert last year in December, B2ST were able to hold an encore concert due to the huge demand. For this upcoming encore concert, fans can expect to see the members transform into sexy pilots as they carry out a concept like they’re touring around Asia together with their fans.
The members will each show an upgraded version of their solo performances on stage, which are sure to impress their fans even more.

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 Our hard working boys have been working on the Japanese version of their hit song SHOCK. They have recently just released a teaser for the vocal and then a very very very short music video teaser. Now they tease us with JUST BEFORE SHOCK as the music background for the new teaser.

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B2ST has finally released a MV teaser for the Japanese version of their hit track, “Shock“!
Revealed through member Yoseob’s Twitter, the video has a woman looking straight into the camera with an ambiguous facial expression as the song’s instrumentals play in the background.

Yoseob also revealed that the woman in the video was actually a member of the upcoming rookie girl group, ‘A Pink‘. Yoseob tweeted, “Shock girl! It’s A Pink’s Chorong. You must’ve had a hard time filming for our Japanese music video, so thank you so much T_T A Pink fighting”.

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It appears that B2ST’s Junhyung has lent a helping hand by featuring in Wheesung’s next work.
On February 12th, Wheesung posted a picture of himself in the recording studio with Junhyung. He tweeted,
Today B2ST’s Yong Junhyung did a featuring for me~~ ^^ His feeling is good, his rhythm is good, his manners are good, he’s good looking hehe Thanks JuNyung ^^
Fans expressed their excitement for their collaboration, saying, “Real Slow oppa is hanging out with Junhyung. That’s awesome.“, “It looks like you recorded today~ I’m excited to hear what kind of song it is~ Fighting~“, and “Wow… anticipating!
Wheesung has collaborated with G.NA multiple times in the past, both through her song, “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live“, and their duet, “Nice to Meet You.” We look forward to what he has come up with for his collaboration with Cube Entertainment’s resident rap featurer, Junhyung.

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Back in September, Korean conglomerate LG recruited B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang along with actress Lee Na Young to endorse their LG Tromm front loading laundry machine. Recently, LG released a new CF featuring the two stars:

 In addition, last May, the boys of B2ST began their endorsement deal with Korean casual apparel brand, CLRIDE.n. The apparel brand has once again called upon B2ST along with some help from Kim Ji Won to endorse their 2011 S/S (Spring / Summer) line. The clothing is inspired by the Hollywood movie Step Up 2Warner Brothers to release character clothing from Tom and Jerry, Wonder Woman, and Peter Senerchia. and there’s word that CLRIDE.n collaborated with

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The boys of B2ST are set to debut in the Japanese market with the Japanese single release of “Shock” on March 23rd. Recently, pre-orders for this upcoming single topped the pre-order chats on Tower Records Japan.
As fans patiently wait for this release, a small preview of their Japanese MV of “Shock” recently aired on Japan’s CDTV. Check out a small preview of the upcoming single and MV below!

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Recently, there’s been a lot of talk of plagiarism of K-pop artists, most recently Ecuadorian singer Andrea Bucaram of MBLAQ’s debut track, “Oh Yeah.”
Now, it seems there’s another to add to the list as Vietnamese band, Bat Ngo – HBO Band uploaded a youtube video very similar to B2ST’s hit track, “Shock.” However, as many fans are quick to point out plagiarism, this may not necessarily be the case as it could simply be a cover – the track is also titled “( Shock )” in the opening credits. Regardless if it’s plagiarism or simply a cover, the video is unintentionally hilarious, check it out below.




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Gagwoman Jung Juri gave her attempt at parodying IU’s famous ‘three high notes’ on her performance for KBS 2TV’s “Lunar New Year Global Star Blue & White Match.”
For her segment, she showed off a remix of parodying both B2ST’s “Beautiful” and IU’s “Good Day,” complete with IU’s long hairstyle and solid one-piece to match. Her perfect rendition of both tracks was said to have put the studio in awe despite the comical intent.
Check out how she pulled off her ‘three high notes’ at 9:50 AM KST on February 3rd.

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B2ST’s Yang Yoseob has posted an adorable picture of himself on Twitter from what seems to be a yearbook picture from his elementary school days. Along with the picture, Yoseob“For fans, I have released a past photo of myself…haha, I think this was when I was in 6th grade…” tweeted,
Fans flooded the picture with tweets such as, “Wow…you look exactly the same!” and “Awwwh, you were so cute!”

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B2ST would like to wish their fans a Happy Lunar New Year!
Keeping the successes of last year in mind, the boys promised that they’ll make the year of the rabbit even more extravagant and successful. Through Sports Korea, B2ST shared the following Lunar New Year messages with their fans:

Lee Ki Kwang:
“It’s the year of the rabbit! I hope you guys have a happy Lunar New Year and I also hope everyone will hop like rabbits one step at a time towards success. I will probably spend my Lunar New Year with my family, and film for “My Princess“.
Even though my role is small, thank you all for giving me so much love. I will work even harder to respond to that love. The weather has been cold, so I hope you spend a warm time with your families.”

Yoon Doo Joon:
“Holidays like the Lunar New Year are special because we can spend time with our families. I’m really happy to be able spend time with my family this Lunar New Year’s. I hope you guys can also spend a happy and peaceful holiday with your family as well.
This year, B2ST will show you an even better look. Please support us!

Yang Yo Seob:
“With our upcoming concert in February, I’m thinking I will spend my holiday practicing for it. I want to show the most wonderful stage for my fans and family. I hope you have a good Lunar New Year and eat lots of tasty food. Just be careful not to get a stomach-ache!”

Son Dong Woon
“I hope you spend a happy time with your family during the Lunar New Year. To the women who are thinking about diets – forget about it and spend a happy and rich holiday! Also, be sure to watch B2ST when we come out on the fun Lunar New Year specials!

Jang Hyun Seung:
“Even though its the Lunar New Year, because of the upcoming concert, B2ST needs to practice to make sure we deliver a successful concert. So, I want to practice a lot in advance and spend the remaining time with my family.
We will practice hard thinking about the fans who have been waiting for us. Also, don’t forget to receive a lot of luck this year. I, Hyun Seung, will pray that everyone will have a happy and good year.”

Yong Jun Hyung :
“I wish to spend time sitting and talking with my family. I begin to realize that being able to enjoy the simple things is a part of a larger happiness. I hope everyone will spend a happy time with their families. B2ST will work hard to make this year ‘ours’. Keep supporting us! Receive a lot of luck this year!”

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