Saturday, January 29, 2011


Ever wondered what B2ST’s Son Dongwoon looked like as a kid?
The star himself provided an answer on January 28th, as he tweeted, “Do you guys want to see a picture that has never been seen before? I’ll upload one only if you guys don’t laugh and give the picture a flurry of responses.
Dongwoon chose a picture from his elementary school days, which revealed that even as a boy, he possessed a definitive sharp jawline.
Fans responded with praises like “You look exactly the same as you did when you were a child” “V-line! You were and are truly good looking” and “The look in your eyes as a child is so soft.”

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Friday, January 28, 2011


It’s a ‘beastly’ indication of their impending success in JapanB2ST’s Japanese debut single, ‘SHOCK’, has topped the album pre-order charts from Tower Records Japan!
On January 25th, fans noted that B2ST had locked down the top two spots on the chart with their “SHOCK [CD + DVD] Limited Edition C” at #1, and “Limited Edition B” at #2.
But it’s not just their CDs that are carving niches – B2ST’s first DVD, ‘SO, BEAST – THE CLIPS’ placed 5th on the chart.
Considering how the group managed to land 50% of the slots in the ‘top 10′, many are commenting on the level of anticipation for B2ST’s powerful debut.
A representative from the Japanese music industry mused, “It’s rare to see a debut album take over half the charts. B2ST will be a top candidate in sweeping Japan as a new boy group.”
They continued, “It’s anticipated that B2ST will create another sensation in Japan, considering how they have a solid level of popularity in Korea as well.”
Last year in November, B2ST successfully held their first Japanese showcase with 10,000 fans in attendance.
Be sure to check back with allkpop for updates on B2ST’s upcoming Japanese single!


Video about 2AM Jinwoon's cute mutiny towards BEAST Yoseob is currently a hot topic.

Past 25th, on various portal sites, a video with the title 'Jung Jinwoon and Yang Yoseob's crazy mutiny' was uploaded.

The video showed Yoseob and Jinwoon playing together while shooting MBC New Year's special 'Idol Star Track and Field Championship'. In the video, Jinwoon extends his arms and pinches Yoseob's cheeks as a joke.

Hence, Yoseob extends his arms and tries to pinch Jinwoon's cheeks but he wasn't able to reach tall Jinwoon. Jinwoon who was born on 1991 is younger but taller than Yoseob who was born on 1989. Jinwoon's height is 185cm while Yoseob is 170cm.

Netizens who saw this video showed heated reaction, "What a cute mutiny!" "Even though Jinwoon is younger, I can see that he adored Yoseob" "It seems like couples playing together."

On the otherhand, 'Idol Star Track and Field Championship' is expected air on February 5th.

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Boy group BEAST expressed their gratitude for fans who supported their concert with all the difficulties they faced.

On the 26th, around 5PM, BEAST's member Yoseob tweeted "There should be no one who's hurt... I was worried for the whole concert! Thank you for cheering despite the short stage! Go home safely!", expressing his concerns towards the fans.

Group's leader Doojoon also tweeted "Thank you to everyone who came. We did our best in the time we are given! Hope everyone had fun...", expressing his gratitude and feeling sorry.

Previously, BEAST's mini concert, which was expected to start at 2PM in Seoul Gwangjingu AX KOREA was delayed 2 hours because of the flock of fans. Instead, the concert began at 4PM.

Fans who attended BEAST's mini concert wrote reviews saying that "The concert was supposed to start at 2PM, but it started at 4PM", "I almost died from the fans squeezing".

On the other hand, BEAST is expected to do 'BEAST encore concert' on February 18th and 19th in Seoul Bangyidong Olympic Gymnastic Stadium.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011


On January 26th, chicken company BBQ held a ‘BBQ B2ST Mini-Concert‘ in Seoul.
During the event, personal items belonging to the individual members of B2ST were auctioned off, and the profits made will be used to benefit children suffering from leukemia.
In order to attend this event, the public was asked to visit BBQ Chicken’s official website and leave a comment to the statement, “Reason(s) why BBQ chicken is good for using extra virgin olive oil and 100% organic chickens.” 2,000 individuals were chosen at random, and received an invitation to watch B2ST’s mini-concert this afternoon, although it was delayed for close to 2 hours after some fans got overzealous and started pushing around, creating safety concerns for others.

Affiliated members of BBQ commented, “This will be a multiple beneficial event where a customer can enjoy eating BBQ chicken at a reduced price, use the event comment box to have a chance of meeting B2ST, and know that the money they donate to the auction will be used for good purposes. We will try hard to make sure that customers are satisfied knowing that they are participating.”

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B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon’s sister revealed a childhood picture of her younger brother standing confidently before a mic through her personal Twitter.
On January 25th, she tweeted, “It’s been a while, this is Doodoo when he was little.
The picture she uploaded alongside the tweet shows a younger Doojoon in the middle of giving a speech in front of a mic. She added, “This was when he was six during church.“ Doojoon amused fans by tweeting back, “Don’t upload things like that, it’s embarrassing.”
Fans commented in response, “Little Doodoo, his face is exactly the same,” “He liked mics since he was little,” and “He’s so cute, I want to bite him!”
The nickname of “doodoo” might be a bit more embarrassing to English speaking fans, but it’s adorable nevertheless.
Meanwhile, B2ST is currently preparing for their two-day encore concerts scheduled for February 18th and 19th.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


B2ST has revealed the final teaser for their upcoming encore concert, “Welcome BACK to B2ST Airline.”
In the teaser, member Kikwang expresses his anticipation for their encore concert by stating, “I wasn’t who I am. I woke up and realized.. what in the world!”
He then reflects back to a statement he made back at their first concert, in which he promised, “If you guys come back in February, we will do an ab wave!!  Promise!
Kikwang continued, “I got in trouble… They told me to take responsibility for what I said.  But.. a promise is a promise. The members have gone into ab training. An unprecedented event of B2ST’s ab wave!  Ah~ I want to show it to you!”
Their encore concert will be held for two days, February 18th and 19th, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


On the 21th of Jan,  @kwongildong wrote a note in TwitLonger mentioned about K-ELF are associate with VIP and Cass about a serious matter. K-ELF are mad at B2uty(Beast/B2ST fan's name) who took over the color of the light stick and trying to associate with other fans to made a silent treatment about 10 minutes against B2ST while they perform. 
For your information, B2ST's light saber is midnight blue and Suju is sapphire blue. This is the reason why K-ELF wanted to create "Black Ocean" in B2ST perform. This is really ridiculous!

In TwitLonger, @kwongildong said:
"to those who might be curious what my angry tweet was about, well here's a gist of what has been going on. Apparently, some fanclubs(Cassiopeia, VIPs, and ELF(um, surprise surprise?)) have announced that they will be doing a silence treatment(or 10 minute) against Beast in the Dream Concert this year. I know. Seriously? well that's not the problem here. In their so-called 'position against Beauty's using other fanclub's colors,' they have included Sone's name, EVEN WHEN NONE OF US HAVE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT IT. This is ridiculous, and people need to know that SONES DID NOT AGREE NOR APPROVE OF SUCH ACTION AGAINST BEAUTY NOR ANY OTHER SINGERS. 

The images below are the ones that have been going around on the internet; first one( ) the 'position against Beauty's using of other fanclubs' colors' and the second image( ) is the evidence that the creator of this image was an ELF from a fan gallery from

WHOEVER( or ELFs, now that we know who was spreading such rumors lol) need to STOP USING SONES' NAME UNDER THE 'PROTECTION OF SMTOWN.' SONES ARE NOT HERE FOR YOU TO USE AS SOMEONE TO BLAME YOUR DIRTY WORK FOR. please RT this so people can know this." (

As you can see, SONE has been written into their list which they had nothing to do with it. SONE got stunned and put up their rage about this matter, they refused about the fact has been spreading by K-ELF.

In 6theory website, @tabi's legal wife mentioned that:

"been going around kVIPs sites and posts but i have not heard or read anything about this 'silent treatment' thing. i saw a post a couple of weeks before about kvips talkin about the Kikwang lighstick but they've long moved on from that since i have not seen anything about it after. and if they have an issue with the lightstick, this is not how kVIPs usually operate. they go straight to the other fanclub involved and talk with their admin just like what they did to T-Ara. kVIPs rep talked to T-ara's company and fandom and agreed that T-ara will no longer sell and distribute their similar crown lighstick.

i could be wrong but from my lurking, kvips have their hands full and are too busy with GTOP and SEUNGRI promotions, plus the ticketing war with Big Show and the upcoming BB comeback. no one even knows if they'll attend the Dream Concert. lol. *shrugs* seriously, if the other 2 fandoms are at war with each other, i hope they wont drag the others especially if the others dont really have anything to do with it. "

As you can see, K-VIP didn't even care much about these matter. Even so, they are busy with GD & TOP performances and Seungri's Comeback. Or, K-ELF just spreading every fansgroup name without any authorization from the group.

In 6theory, @Sharpie wrote that:

"...Elf, Shawol, Cassie, VIP, Sones, Primmadonnas, A+s, so on, became very angry with this behavior. They know Beast is not at fault, in fact they think Beast members are very humble and innocent but due to those bad and crazy fans, they are planning black ocean or the Korean term for it "10 Minutes" to teach those fans a lesson despite Beast getting hurt. All the fandoms are split on whether they want to do "10 minutes" because a lot of them know if they do it, they will look bad and immature, Beast will get hurt, and it may acutally provocate more hate from B2uties. As of now, no fandom is set on doing it but are going to discuss while monitoring B2uties' behavior. Since Dream Concert is probably in May..."  (Taken part of the post posted by Sharpie)

@Sharpie is a b2uty and mentioned that long time ago, B2uties is well-manner fanbase and because of the popularity of B2ST increase, their gut increase together too. They bashed lots of other fan clubs and made them hate b2uties. He also mentioned:

"...Beast already knows. This really breaks my heart. Especially since DooJoon went around apologizing to the bashed artists in B2uties place. What really makes me mad is that Beast has done soooo much for B2uties, good and bad b2uties alike, and this is how they repay them. Those duets, those fanservices, those personal tweets addressed to B2uties, those presents Beast sends to certain fans in need... this is how you repay them?..."

This totally a shame to B2uties which their left over work need their idol, B2ST to cover it up. Other commented that, 

"...I read about this a few times way back..and I thought this was a great move from the K-VIPs and I am very thankful to the fans of T-ara for giving up something like that...." datiez@6theory

"Beast went through so much crap yet they've worked their butts off till now and they've all been extremely humble. Please don't do it. I don't want to see them cry, even if it's tears of joy. Those tears are joyful because they've been through so much and they were rewarded. Their scars don't disappear." Sharpie@6theory

In the end, "Black Ocean" and "Silent Treatment" will occur is because of the manner of B2uties. But, even so, K-ELF shouldn't do that to B2ST. They think that making B2ST heartache will soften B2uties heart? It is ridiculous, hater is always a hater. 

Hope they use other proper and better way against these issues.
Whats your opinion?
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On January 24th, B2ST’s Jang Hyunseung uploaded a photo with Big Bang’s Seungri on his blog. The photo shows the pair posing with victory signs during the ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship‘.

Hyunseung wrote, ‘Actually we… have this kind of relationship^^ Later Seungri will grill meat keke’.

The topic had garnered much interest because Hyunseung had an argument with Seungri during their trainee days regarding why Seungri never grilled meat despite being the youngest.

After seeing the picture, fans commented, ‘Very cute’, ‘Don’t have conflicts and live in harmony’, and ‘Have a good relationship and share the meat’.

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B2ST’s Yoseob, who was recently cast for the musical “Gwanghwamun Sonata,” attended the production conference at the Seoul Plaza Hotel’s Grand Ballroom on January 24th.

He began by revealing that he was hesitant to take up the cast offer. “When my company first asked me if I knew of any song by composer Lee Young Hoon, I realized that I didn’t. When they asked me whether I knew ‘Red Sunset,‘ I said that I had heard it before.  The company told me that I could be considered for a role in the musical, ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata,’ which left me worried since I didn’t know any song by composer Lee.”

Yoseob continued, “Afterwards, I found out more about the composer and heard more things about senior Lee Moon Sae and director Lee Jina; I then wanted to take part in the musical. I’ll be working hard to ensure that I do not cause harm to the musical.”

Yoseob will be playing as ‘Jiyong,’ the son of the two leading roles.

Director Lee Jina added, “Yang Yoseob and Heo Gyu were double-cast for one role. The difference between their ages are vast, but I think Yoseob will fit the role since he’s closer to the age of ‘Jiyong.’  Heo Gyu is a bit older, but because of his youthful looks, he’ll be able to bring out the 21-year-old ‘Jiyong.’”

Over 30 songs will be used for the musical, which is scheduled to run from March 20th to April 10th at the Sejong Culture Theater Hall.

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Monday, January 24, 2011


B2ST's Maknae Son Dongwoon, back-up vocalist and dancer, is always mature. His posture and face expressions show no fault.
Check out the photos below:

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