Wednesday, May 11, 2011


B2ST’s Dongwoon delighted his fans with a spontaneous invitation to play a game on StarCraft with him.

On May 8th, the idol tweeted, “People who play Starcraft amongst our fans… Let’s have a Starcraft contest later”. Two hours later, Dongwoon posted another tweet which read, “Don’t worry because I’m playing games since I was practicing every day overnight. It’s on ‘Fish’ server and the name is ‘B2UTYs are best’; the password is 123.”

Dongwoon ended up having a blast with his fans while conversing with them in-game.

His fellow group member, Yoseob, shared a photo of Dongwoon gaming and commented on his fan service. “He’s the ender of all fan service,” he said.
“It’s creative, thinking about gaming with them.

It’s said that Yoseob also participated in Dongwoon’s surprise event.

Responding to the fun fan service, B2ST fans gushed, “It was a good thing that I didn’t sleep”, “Ender of fan service. It was the best”, “When will I get an opportunity like this again”, “It’s a big pity I couldn’t do that with them”, and “It was a dream-like time”.

 Credit: Allkpop

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