Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hallyu stars had cancelled all of their schedules in Japan for the month of April and May.

4minute, BEAST, CN Blue, ZE:A, Lee Jihoon, and more had planned for concerts and fan meeting in Japan for early May. However, due to the tragedy that struck Japan last month, all the schedules planned out for May had been extended and rescheduled. 

Cube Entertainment, the management for BEAST and 4minute, stated on the 24th, “We planned to focus on promoting in Japan during the month of May. However, there was tremendous amount of damage due to the earthquake and since many areas are still under the recovery stage, we had decided to reschedule the dates for Japan promotions. 

We are still under debate about the times we should reestablish our dates for Japan promotions and we will need to look out for the situation for a longer period of time. “

Credit: Mybeastyboys

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