Monday, April 25, 2011


BEAST Lee Kikwang explained the rumours behind his height

On the latest episode of KBS 2TV “Happy Together Season 3” Lee Kikwang appeared on the show and talked about the debate of his profile height and his real height.

Lee Kikwang’s height is stated as 170.5cm on his profile but after appearing on variety shows, debates have sprouted saying he’s not 170cm. Regarding this, he strongly argued that his height is exactly 170cm.

Lee Kikwang states “On an old variety show, when I measured my height with Park Myungsoo, I was a bit shorter than him and to be funny, Park Myungsoo said his height was 168cm. Because of this people immediately thought I was shorter than 170cm.” expressing his feelings.

At this, Park Myungsoo says “Then let’s measure properly” and they measure themselves on set and Park Myungsoo’s height was revealed to be 171.5cm, surprising Lee Kikwang.

At this, MC Yoo Jaesuk suggests Park Myungsoo and Lee Kikwang stand up at the same time and measure their height. Will the truth about Lee Kikwang’s height be revealed? The show will be broadcasted on the 21st at 11:15PM.

 Credit: B2strising

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