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100% of youth

The first time Yang Yoseob entered Sejong Cultural Center was to watch his ex-agency Mboat's sunbaenim Yoon Hyungryul acting in <Notre Dame in Paris> as Quassimodo. Even though he was in awe with his hyung filling up the stage with totally different appearace, he had no thought of doing what his hyung was doing. He just thought he would try singing the songs because there were so many good songs in the musical. He was a boy who only knew singing, but after only a few years, he stood on the stage as a musical actor.

Even though people thinks it's unique that an idol was casted in <Gwanhamoon Sonata>, the atmosphere is approving because BEAST Yang Yoseob is known as 'idol who sings well'. But instead of the word 'young', the word 'little' suits better for him who was born on 1990. We predict that his role as Jiyong is a big project for him because his generation is far from the feelings of <Gwanghamoon Sonata> and it's not been long since he became an adult.
"I think my experience of working on a album will help me act out the character, Jiyong. When I was in Mboat long time ago, we regularly held a Monday Concert. I became aware of the songs of composer Lee Younghoon-nim when I sang Lee Moonse sunbaenim's songs at the concert. To tell the truth, I listened to more of rock and pop than old songs when I was a member of a band in high school. But the songs of composer Lee Younghoon-nim were made only with classic guitar and piano unlike the present songs that are mostly electric. The sound part mind seem old for the present standard but I like the fact that the emotions of the song itself is genuine."

We had an ill-tempered doubt about whether he will be discouraged due to the fact that maniacs are disapproving of idols from entering the world of musical. "To tell the truth, many people viewed us disapprovingly when we debuted. We heard many criticism that we are copying other groups, so we were scared to go to the broadcast station at first. But then when we went up to the stage and started showing others that we work diligently, people who criticized us started supporting us. I think it will be the same for the musical. There are some people who dislike idols doing musical, but if I have other charms to show them, I'm positive that they will view it differently. That's why I don't think it's scary how people view this."

He had also confessed that that even though it's impossible to do it right now, he wants to try performing <Hedwig> one day. He watched <Hedwig> through the connection with Kim Youngji who acted as Yitzkhaq. He chose 'When the Autumn Comes' as a song most meaningful to him between <Gwanghamoon Sonata>'s tracks including 'I Don't Know Yet' and 'Flying Through the Deep Night', which he sang and fell love with during the Monday Concert.
"I sang that song during the press conference. I have never been nervous on a stage until I sang that song. I still get nervous when I hear that song because it reminds me of the day of the press conference. I really want to do well, remembering that." His burden won't be small performing in front of normal audience who can always judge coldly and sharply unlike the fans who would always be on his side, and always wish for him to do well. "When I first went to the reading, instructor Lee Gina-nim told me good words. It was really tender words, but you know how saying things softly are scarier than saying things angrily. I think I need to get severly punished when we do practice all together. Of course it will be hard and scary when I get in trouble, but I don't know a lot about musical so I want to learn it in this way." These were the words coming from a youth who has enough time to dream, even though there is not enough time to sleep.

Credit: B2strising

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