Tuesday, July 26, 2011


'FICTION. Written by BEAST', a photobook of unseen photos during BEAST's first studio album promotions will be up for pre-orders for a week on Internet Kyobo Book store starting July 15th.

The special thing about this photobook is that it contains photos of many moments during the one month promotion time of their song 'FICTION' from their album 'FICTION AND FACT'.

The photobook, with a total of 6 chapters and 260 pictures, includes pictures from when they were recording, practicing choreography, shooting their album cover, filming the M/V, first comeback, first win, showing the members passionately going through their hectic schedules.

To commemorate the pre-order sales for the photobook, during the week, Internet Kyobo Book store will be handing out 15 signed books and 10 CDs to 25 lucky purchasers.

Details can be found on the Internet Kyobo Book store homepage (www.kyobobook.co.kr)

Meanwhile, BEAST rose as a new generation K-POP store and is on an Asia fanmeeting tour for the month of July.

Credit: B2strising

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