Saturday, January 22, 2011


B2ST has revealed the first part of their series of teasers for their upcoming encore concert, “Welcome BACK to B2ST Airline.”
Leader Doojoon’s teaser was uploaded through their official YouTube channel and fancafes on January 12th and features a narration of his thoughts on their first concert last year.   In the teaser, Doojoon states, “I was excited. I looked forward to it. Honestly speaking, I was kind of nervous and also scared. It was a happiness I felt for the first time. The best moments that can only be felt on stage. I want to feel it again.”
The remaining members will upload their own teasers one by one.
Their first concert recorded much success, with all of its seats being sold out moments after the ticket releases, and it was even chosen as the #1 concert music fans wanted to attend.   Interpark has revealed that they are currently preparing their servers in expectation of the rush of B2ST fans hoping to purchase tickets on January 12th.
Their encore concert will be held for two days on February 18th and 19th at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Credit: Allkpop

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